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White Lines '89 - Part II (Don't Do It) by Grandmaster Melle Mel. This little known old-school rap song is the follow-up to the universally acknowledged classic, White Lines. While not quite as catchy as its predecessor, lyrically it delves more deeply into the perils and politics of its subject, that of the cocaine epidemic of the time.

Base, blow, base, blow

[Verse 1]
White Lines 1989, let's try it one more time
While you're standing on the crack line
Using one another
Eyes as wide as a manhole cover
Smoking like a chimney
Puffing like a dragon
Try to hold your breath too long
Now you're gagging
Try to tell yourself that you need a lift
Make a couple of lines and then (sniff!)
Sniff your world away, sniff your girl away
Sniff your life away, sniff your wife away
Sniff your money your gold and your friends
Your credit cards it's not very hard
Once you start it never ends
Blast off hands on the throttle
Basing chasing genies in a bottle
Make a wish but don't say it out loud
All you're gonna gain is pain in another cloud
Anticipation, the thing called crack is going to ruin the nation
Everyone is buying it and then trying it
You made your bed and lie in it
There is no denying it
I'm the drug you should do, but who's fooling who
You tried doing crack but crack is doing you

Base, blow, base, blow

[Verse 2]
Why did you put your life on the line?
Things were going fine until you played with those white lines
You're in and out of rehab
You put up a front for a month then you relapse
You're back out on the ave you're getting schemed
You need some blow some speed and indeed
You got a nosebleed
You let the blood run on, wipe it away
Then take another one on one, two on two
A hundred on a hundred
Wish it was more but then you already done it all
Even licked the ink off the dollar bill
You had a dollar bill, until you illed and sniffed overkill
It's still yearning, stomach churning, your nose is burning
You're coming down fast start to plummet
Pockets empty as Mother Hubbard's cupboard
Now you're turning to crime
And everything you own is mine all mine, boy
Fun baby... Don't do it! Don't do it!

Base, blow, base, blow

[Verse 3]
Standing on the corner, like Gotti
Work for Scotty you're a nobody
You met a girl, she's a straight up fiend
Give her a half of crack, she'll lick your nose clean
Slam bam for a quarter gram
Made you feel real, like a big man
Now you're ice cold, flash your bankroll, but
You're the lowest face on the totem pole
Sell to the brother that robbed their mother
That raped the sisters, murdered and killed one another's
Uncles, aunts, nephews and nieces
But for what, a few little pieces of crack?!
A few dollars and a nice set of wheels
Sucker you was born to lose you caught a raw deal
You're a marked man up to no good
Used by the mob to wreck your own neighborhood
And while most Italians get out on bail
You got dark skin, you're gonna rot in jail!
Dominicans, Puerto Ricans, Cubans or Blacks
You get held back when you sell crack

Base, blow, base, blow

[Verse 4]
I met a lady, at a party
She had the nerve to say that she want my body
We moved and grooved, she removed, I was smooth
Took her to my room and she sure improved
Two hours later she put on her clothes
Right in my room she start to powder her nose
I told her it was wrong and she made it a joke
She said, "My name is Pepsi, things go better with Coke"

Base, blow, base, blow

[Verse 5]
At the front door looking for a white line
And then O.D. off the right rhyme
On the dance floor at the disco
New York, L.A. to San Francisco
The white lines phenomenon goes on and on
Til your money is gone, til the break of dawn
I'm the stuff people love to love
White dove what dreams and nightmares are made of
The ultimate sin for the masses
It could be solid, liquid or gaseous
Powder form crystal whatever
I make you out think yourself, I'm that clever
Make you see things nearer hear clearer
Looking at me is staring down in a mirror and
Seeing the inner demon of your ego
You're a junkie, adios amigo
I left you cold, and your soul's in a black hole
Lo and behold I'm sex drugs and rock and roll
All combined and refined by the devil
To bring all society to my level
Just one more line is worth everything
Your car, your kids even your diamond ring
There's no debating, sniff some of this
You'll belong to satan

Base, blow, base, blow

[Verse 6]
On your hands and knees, on the floor
Searching, you want and need, got to have some more
You found a rock, tasted bitter
But it wasn't crack it was kitty litter
Executives and athletes
Taste the thrill of victory
The agony of defeat
Colombians will give you a taste
But there's nothing free about freebase

Rossy92 8 Feb 20
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