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Are you an Atheist Street Pirate? In listening this past week's 'Freethought Radio' by the Freedom From Religion Foundation, I heard that some members of Atheists United have organized to remove unlawful religious signs from public property. There is a google map where one can report signs that should be removed - or one can step in and remove signs and let Atheists United Street Pirate program know about it.


You can listen to the FFRF Podcast here, if you missed it.


There is only one sign reported in my state, but it's on Oahu and I didn't know to look for it on my recent visit to visit Kate there. It's probably gone by now anyway.

For anyone bothered by religious signage in your community, you might sign up to be an Atheist Street Pirate!

Julie808 8 May 4
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The church of Scotland run an indoctrination course they call the "Alpha course". The first evening is a free meal and general chat followed by several more intense sessions.
I live in a lovely unspoilt village and the church hung a huge unsightly banner in front of the church advertising the Alpha course so i got a marker pen and changed the wording to mean the opposite of what they were saying.
The banner was removed the next day and never replaced. RESULT !!

Moravian Level 8 Aug 15, 2023

thank you for sharing this!


seems to be more and more of them these days

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