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A (rare) freethought without an image;

here's Wiki's take on Jessica Mitford


Robecology 9 Sep 11
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I only know Mitford from her book The American Way of Death--and that some of her sisters were fascists.


Sadly Jessica Mitford never managed to fully disassociate herself from her notorious five sisters, the eldest of who was the monstrous adulterous Diana Mosely, first mistress and then wife of the leader of the British fascist party Baronet Sir Oswald Ernald Mosley, mistress of Adolf Hitler and recipient of the title of Hitler's Angel in the German fascist party. Her sister Unity also was also a mistress of Adolf Hitler and managed the unique feat of shooting herself in the head at the out break of WW2, and missing her brain completely, lodging the bullet in her skull for the rest of her life. Sister Nancy was also a Nazi briefly, but later turned in her sisters to the British secret service and then took to righting satirical novels about the English aristocracy, to make a living after the war.
The family, had married in to several other aristocratic families and the royal family by the time the war came to an end (one becoming duchess of Devonshire) and this was enough to keep most of the family out of prison (except for Diana, who was interned and later was "asked" to leave the country.)

Thanks for the details. How did you come to know this?

@Robecology 1930's UK Political history is a particular favourite period of mine. It is evil and corrupt that we have not seen the same again until the rise of Trumpty Dumpty
The British aristocracy and the British Royal family fully expected us to side with Germany, most of them were card carrying Nazis, the king was all set to marry one of them (Mrs. Wallace Simpson another former mistress of Adolf Hitler). In the end it was only a concerted effort by a small factions of the conservative party, stirred in to action by Winston Churchill, a cartel of British Banks and Cosmo Lang the then archbishop of Canterbury and Baron of Lambeth, that saved the UK from
1 Allowing Edward the VIII to appoint Mosley as Prime Minister, and puppet governor of the UK for Hitler, by arresting Mosely and forcing the King to abdicate in favour of his brother, and later exiling Edward after he was caught as a commander in the British army, giving British war plans to German intelligence agents in exchange for a promise by Hitler to reinstate him to the throne after the war.
2 Siding with German and invade Europe in a pincer action
3 becoming involved in a war that would have lasted decades would have seen a huge Nazi super state under the control of a German empire

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