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Is FFRF still fighting the "In God We Trust" decals on police and emergency vehicles? I'm a touring musician in Texas and I see them everywhere.

Jthurston2 6 July 14
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Their web site has them advertising victories with respect to that type of thing in Missouri this year, and most of the Texas stuff listed is for bibles being handed out in high schools, or teacher-led prayers in class. But I didn't spend an inordinate amount of time looking for it.

Here's a link to their web site: []

chilehead9 Level 7 Sep 13, 2018

Those signs are ‘all over’ back in Ga! Unknown and known forces are at work, to force this country into A Christian Nation! And, I resented it, when I was in the Church and I resent it even more, now that I am no longer there! These people DO NOT respect the rights of others to choose what religion or NOT that they want to be part of! They have lost sight of humans as individuals...and here in this modern, supposedly evolved society! These people are trying to take us back to the ‘dark ages,’ they want control of everyone, as if we needed to be herded like cattle! THEY are the ones needing to be let them join a clan and leave the rest of us...’the hell alone!’


I think so but I don't think it has been resolved yet and even when it is, there will more than likely be an appeal.

Wrytyr Level 7 July 15, 2018

These are spreading like crazy in Virginia too.

realneal54 Level 5 July 15, 2018

I love this one


Oh lol, you’re in Conroe, too. You already know.

Lol yeah but I'd thought that was just Conroe. Evidently the whole state is just as backward as we are.

@Jthurston2 at least we know Conroe isn’t special


It sucks here, every single jurisdiction in the norther suburbs of Houston has them.

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