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Expression of interest!!! I want to start a group that focuses on antimilitarism and pacifism. I realised that religions only really become dangerous when armed … No dictator would be in power without the support of armed thugs, aka soldiers.
PontifexMarximus Dec 23 Dec 23 00 comments
Useless, but best tool that power has to manipulate, to make you passive , to make you blind, it make you disable to think: god.
byronever Dec 8 Dec 8 11 comment
LINK The Extinction Rebellion Returns - YouTube
PontifexMarximus Oct 8 Oct 8 00 comments
Should I be expelled or expel myself from this site as I have anointed myself to the position of Pontifex Marxissimus - Supreme Noodility of the Veganofarians?
PontifexMarximus Sep 19 Sep 19 00 comments
LINK Documentary follows Pastafarians as they strain for recognition | Religion | The Guardian
PontifexMarximus Sep 18 Sep 18 00 comments
LINK Suddenly, it’s OK to be German and to talk about race | Germany | The Guardian
PontifexMarximus Sep 18 Sep 18 00 comments
There are two major reasons why Germans can't play scrabble: the size of the board and the limited number of letters. This little gem: Glasgetränkebehältnisverbot wouldn't even qualify as a dwarf juggernaut.
PontifexMarximus Sep 16 Sep 16 00 comments
This sign tells women and men under 18 that they are prohibited from entering this street in Hamburg's red-light district. Yet apparently only women work in this street. Strange world!
PontifexMarximus Sep 16 Sep 16 00 comments
Boris Johnson turns the venerable old monarch into a drag queen, albeit without balls. Tough bikkies... The old bag got it wrong... Later she will run off again and ask the dudes at the London School of Economics why there is another economic ...
PontifexMarximus Sep 16 Sep 16 00 comments
Bizarre world! People escaping sectarian violence and then they continue with their habits that was at the root of the conflict.
PontifexMarximus Sep 10 Sep 10 00 comments
This mobility device was a philosophical statement, a political confession, a cult item.
PontifexMarximus Sep 8 Sep 8 00 comments
Youtube The Rules for Rulers =>an excellent interpretation of Niccolò di Bernardo dei Machiavelli's ideas
PontifexMarximus Aug 27 Aug 27 00 comments
POLL [] Before moving to Australia I was told that there are three topics one should never talk about: Politics, Religion and Sex. Holy shit I thought; these seem to be the only universal topics I was ever exposed in Europe. I realised ...
PontifexMarximus Aug 24 Aug 24 00 comments
LINK History of atheism - Wikipedia
PontifexMarximus Aug 22 Aug 22 00 comments
LINK Media dead silent as Wikileaks insider explodes the myths around Julian Assange - Michael West
PontifexMarximus Aug 16 Aug 16 00 comments
Rowan Atkinson: “Devil Sketch” Hello, nice to see you all again. Now, as the more perceptive of you have probably realised by now, this is Hell, and I am the Devil. Good evening. You can call me Toby, if you like – we try and keep things ...
PontifexMarximus July 21 Jul 21 00 comments
LINK - Excellent guide to the Cyber Pantheon
PontifexMarximus July 2 Jul 2 00 comments
[] Fascism is on the rise in the western world. The little democracy that existed is dwindling fast.
PontifexMarximus Sep 17 Sep 17 00 comments
The Fat Years are over ... for most of us ...
PontifexMarximus Sep 12 Sep 12 00 comments
[] Capitalism is failing the planet!!! The article is a little dated ... but the issue is still current!
PontifexMarximus Sep 12 Sep 12 11 comment
Arbeit Macht Frei Work is liberating ... especially when done by one's slaves it frees a lot of time and it frees from pain
PontifexMarximus Sep 10 Sep 10 00 comments
FAKIR Power Corrupts - Absolute Power Corrupts Absoutely
PontifexMarximus Sep 10 Sep 10 00 comments
SOLIDARISMUS Solidarity: Natural Economic Redemption of Man, Rudolf Diesel.,1903
PontifexMarximus Sep 7 Sep 7 11 comment
PontifexMarximus Sep 6 Sep 6 11 comment
What is the difference between this group and the Progressives and Socialists group?
taichifan Sep 6 Sep 6 22 comments

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