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I've been wanting to get a tattoo to convert my surgery scar into a dragonfly, since it already looks like one except for wings. Maybe a heartbeat trail leading to the dragonfly, and continuing into an infinity loop. I don't care if dragonfly's are for women or whatever, they're a symbol for adaptation among other things. Basic looking. I don't have any tattoos yet. I'm 58. Problem is, the ink gun or whatever needs to shielded or have it done the age-old way because it could interfere with the defibrillator implant.

Ray1960 2 Aug 3
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I had my defibrillator removed, after many replacements, lead replacements/recalls & the last time the lead having to go up through my jugular vein as the other vein was too full of leads! My scars look like a mass of spaghetti at this point! Maybe a version of the FSM for this area?!?


There is a Swiss-made machine that is supposed to be shielded. It's cordless, so runs on rechargeable batteries. I don't know anyone that has one so I know nothing more than their ads on them. Since its so pronounced it would be good to do a realistic one over top of it. It's going to have to be big so you will have the room. The scar should be at least 2 years old before you do it. Hand-poked tattoos, without machines, I wouldn't recommend over that scar as they tend to be more damaging than machines. The last thing you want to do is make the scar worse.


Get it done old school... I love my tatt... it’s not anyone’s but mine.



Marz Level 7 Aug 4, 2018

I like the last one and the meaning is awesome. I would pit it and the could slant it a bit where you wanted.!

maybe add just add a weed or 2 s not much; enhance not hide

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