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Elementalism. I'm creating it.

rainmanjr 8 July 17
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And water by nature is vapour so maybe this being is just hot air.

Moravian Level 8 July 18, 2021

More conformity than I’d be at ease in.
I tried monastic life a few times in my pilgrimage and it’s the opposite of spiritual awakening. You can hide from yourself by conformity. Their misguided notion is that the individual experiences ego death in a war against self in such an environment.
True ego death happens when you have nothing left to lose and no hope of your former life ever coming back.
The great truth is nothing is about me and everything is about me. I am part of this world and this world is part of me. I am the universe considering itself and I am a temporary outbursts of consciousness that’s locked in a delusion that it’s a self. Delusions are mailable and I can pretend to be any kind of self I care to manifest so I seek the self most like I think mirrors my true nature. This perspective gives me patience, I have watched myself as I acted out in a way I disapproved of to learn the nature of the hunger and the reward for indulgence so I would be armed with awareness only to never desire the experience again.
You can be anything you want to be creatively but to have substance the self you manifest must be grounded in awareness and acceptance of those awarenesses.
It’s all internal experience in the face of truth as best you can see it.


Apart from dogs, no fleas... sorry, just sounds like another 'deepety'.

phxbillcee Level 10 July 17, 2021

Then you're just going to hear everything as a "deepety." Ice being water is pure fact.

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Posted by rainmanjrI would change “Him” to Thou but this is otherwise beautiful.

Posted by rainmanjrI would change “Him” to Thou but this is otherwise beautiful.

Posted by rainmanjrI would change “Him” to Thou but this is otherwise beautiful.

Posted by rainmanjrElementalism. I'm creating it.

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