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Thanks for having me ! (makes me wonder about you )
Seriously, I was raised to question everything, and the lesson served me well,except in the area of personal relationships. Many people resent being questioned, regardless of the motive. I never could understand the cold shoulder others. I just assumed people didn't like the fact that I'm "plain spoken". Although this is annoying to some, and I think that they have a problem with fear of confrontation. How can someone take another opinion as an attack ? Then I remembered the Krueger-Dunning Effect ! This helped me understand how different we all are !

jtnewman 4 Feb 28
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I"m a true believer in the D-K effect. It makes a lot of sense. It explains the "know-it-alls"/flunk-outs in school. It explains the #Religulous, and it explains the #Trumpsters even better...

Robecology Level 8 Feb 28, 2019

Thanks Robecology ! Great video !


I get what you are saying. When I ask friends to explain why they believe the way they do about something they get upset at me and accuse me of attacking them, when all I wanted was for them to back up how they came to the conclusion they did to better understand them.

It's a function of intelligence that you question everything and base one's knowledge of the world on empirical evidence, not just blindly accepting everything at face value.
Without critical thinking there would be no science and no advancement. Personally, I cannot learn unless I understand the background to the subject and what evidence there is to support it.


Welcome from me too...! Yes, I agree that a lot of people only want to hear confirmation of their own viewpoint, and regard any kind of contrary view as an attack on them. The only thing to keep in mind is that we should still be polite to each other whilst making our point of view known.

was I impolite ?

@jtnewman No, not at all. Whatever gave you the idea that I thought you were impolite?

Confirmation bias and 'groupthink' are inimical to knowledge and understanding. I would hazard a guess that it stems from humans being social animals, where consensus is valued more highly than critical thinking, which does seem to be a lone occupation!
It is the ability to think laterally that solves problems, not just agreeing with whoever is seen to be the top ; history is littered with the free thinkers who were killed for daring to question the status quo. It's no wonder that secret societies were established!


Welcome aboard. I hope you enjoy the forum.

brentan Level 8 Feb 28, 2019

Welcome you sound like you belong here

bobwjr Level 9 Feb 28, 2019
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