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We are all born atheists until someone starts telling us lies

Hages 7 Oct 26
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Religions are lies.

allmighty Level 6 Oct 28, 2019

Sadly, most of us were raised on lies. The world would be so much better if that weren't so.

dan325 Level 8 Oct 26, 2019

I wrote a short (two pages long), paper called Deception as a Way of Life. In it, I expose the fact that we are told lies 24/7/365 by various people in all walks of life. Virtually no man or woman lives their life without telling some kind of a lie to others, and some lies are worse than most of them, but all of them cause us some kind of harm or degrade us a little bit each time that one of them is told.

@Logician You're right, of course. I hate lying and try to minimize it, yet I still do it sometimes to be "nice" or to avoid hassles. It never feels good.


That's profound


Good job Atheist....we are all Feminists also until we are brainwashed to rape or be raped....the lies include sexual mutilation amputation of 4 square inches of prepuce flesh and the evil done to muslim girls


Yup and they start young

bobwjr Level 9 Oct 26, 2019
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