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Some scenes from around my garden...
Unknown moth, mimicking a bird dropping
Monarch caterpillars
Red Admiral caterpillar
Milkweed Leaf Beetle larva, the "brain bug"
Amorpha, the Indigo Tree blossom
Eastern Black Swallowtail caterpillar hatchling on dill
Red Admiral caterpillar in nettle leaf nest
Painted Lady leaf nest, on Echinops
American Lady leaf nests, on Pearly Everlasting

By Leafhead8
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Can you tell me about the milkweed leaf larva. I used to see them on my milkweed but never knew what they were.

freeofgod Level 8 June 23, 2019

The adults look like big fat ladybug beetles that overwinter as either pupae or adults (adults, I think).
They come out around the same time the Milkweed really get going. They come out just before Milkweed Longhorn Beetles

Free of God
Here is a photo of an adult Milkweed Leaf Beetle


Impressive amount of creatures you have there!

Hathacat Level 9 June 23, 2019


glennlab Level 9 June 23, 2019


NoPlanetB Level 8 June 23, 2019

Is that in Wisconsin? Great so many species in one place!

Allamanda Level 8 June 23, 2019

Yes, Madison area

@Leafhead I can find the state on a map I'm afraid, no personal knowledge!

I'm in southern WI in Dane Cty

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