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Cravings -- these are very challenging for me to deal with. I try not keep certain foods in the house that are tempting. Baked goods and soft bread/rolls are my weaknesses. I know I've gained weight because I've indulged too much. Learning to find other things to do when I feel stressed and depressed and want to put food in my mouth.

bleurowz 8 Feb 7
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#1. Don't keep junk food around. Easy if you live alone, tough if you have a family.
#2. Don't kick nor punish yourself for "cravings"...they're actually addictions created before you could walk and talk.

I'm not blaming parents here; we all did the best we could...but there needs to be more awareness of when cravings are created, and how to make the cravings for healthier food important for parenting.

#3. What you're doing....talking about it....is a big first step. Kudos on that
#4. Let Hunger be your friend.
Do some research; don't believe me; but it's been my discovery that all animals who go "hungry" or experience "hunger" every day live longer. It's not so much the thin-ness of these people, it's their tolerance for hunger.

We've become afraid of hunger. Let it be your friend. Try to feel "hungry" even if just for s short time every day. Don't believe me; check this out.

The sensation of hunger is instinctual. For many people, the first twinge of hunger sends them searching for food, often before they need to eat. Feeling hungry at the start of a meal is good, but eating every time you feel hungry can result in overeating.


I find it's best not to keep stuff in the house if I want to avoid eating it. It isn't just cravings and stress, though - it's emotional eating in general. There seems to be very little help or useful advice in dealing with that.In my experience doctors and dieticians are useless. Keeping busy and being happy seems to be the best way but that is not open to all of us!

CeliaVL Level 7 Feb 7, 2019

I often find myself eating for emotional reasons (I suffer from chronic depression). One thing I'm trying is to choose healthier snacks, such as fruits or nuts.

I agree with you on keeping busy. Occupying your mind with some sort of activity can help a lot with keeping one's mind off food. Dietitians and doctors can help some, but I agree that they can't help much with motivation or emotions.


I know it is especially hard if you live alone and there is no one else to distract you. Having said that other people trying to treat you can be just as bad.

Fernapple Level 8 Feb 7, 2019