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27 Feb 2019 - Diet Diary -- Perking along! Got the shelves assembled today and the first coat of paint on them. After 2nd coat of paint will attach them to the cabinets. They fit GREAT! Was afraid, until they were fully assembled, that they were going to skew at some point and would be impossible to get them to attach to the cabinet. Quite happy with them so far. Will be ready to start on the "counter top" next.

Intake today was just over 1200, not a very productive intake level for me but short of my limit, which is 1309. FInished off my kale chips tonight. This was the second time I made them. The first time they were not good and I couldn't figure out why anyone would get excited about eating these things. This time however, I put a bit of olive oil on them then a Mrs. Dash type seasoning, no salt but many other flavors. They came out quite good for a little salty tasting snack. Tomorrow, going for lots of greens. Maybe a kale smoothie with spinach, a Romaine and spinach salad with grape tomatoes and some broccoli salad. All that sounds good right now, guess I better go to bed before a snack attack gets me.

DotLewis 7 Feb 28
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Well done. Hope you don't read this tonight...g'nite...sleep well...may you wake up hungry, and half a pound lighter!

Robecology Level 8 Feb 28, 2019