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29 April 2019 - Diet Diary - FINALLY! The door adjustments finally were right and it closes snuggly but not so tight that it tears up the bottom of the door. Touched up the paint and before winter will replace the weather stripping and the door should NOT be a source of energy loss. Of course, the breezes will still whistle through the doggy door.

The fried cauliflower rice came out pretty good. Only about 1 Tbsp of oil involved in the frying so calorie count stayed pretty low. Finished out the day at 895 calories. Unusually low but got busy and only ate 1/2 oz of pumpkin seeds during the afternoon then with the "rice" supper, didn't add a ton of calories. Going to get serious about that going to bed earlier thing but it may take some practice. 😮

DotLewis 7 Apr 30
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What's your weight range been? Where are you now, and what's your "goal weight"? I'm stuck in the high 140;s used to be 160's shooting for 130's. (short male).

Robecology Level 8 Apr 30, 2019

I will assume you were asking me. If not, maybe @CeliaVL will reply later.

My top weight as far as I know, was 215, which is 5 pounds more than when I started this current/ongoing diet almost 2 years ago. The lowest weight I have been at, since my adolescent years, was 135, which I attained 30 years ago after 7 months of hard dieting in anticipation of my 20th reunion. I was determined to "look better" when I went to that than I had in high school. I did achieve my goal but unfortunately, being a goal motivated by appearance and an event, it was short lived after that reunion occurred.

My current "goal weight" is 140 lbs, which puts my BMI under 25. I am currently less than 3 pounds from that goal. My motivation this time was health related and I am counting on that helping me in my ongoing maintenance of a "normal" BMI. Although I refer to myself as "short", particularly when I want something from the top shelf, I suppose that at around 5'3.5", I am average/low average for a female. At 140, I will not be "skinny" but my goal was to be in the "normal" or healthy range in hopes it would help minimize a heart rhythm problem that developed 3 years ago. So far, it seems to be helping as I have had very little/no Afib activity as far as I know and when I did have episodes back 2-3 years ago, I definitely knew it.

The "stuck" thing is hard to get past. When you get within10 pounds of your final goal, you are generally burning so many fewer calories than you used to that it is hard to keep your intake low enough to move weight, other than VERY slowly. I am finally seeing a little movement but I have been "stuck" between 144-147 for at least 4 months, despite being reasonably controlled in my eating. I am not finally below 144 and seem to be keeping it under than so at least that goal (May 15 deadline) has been met. Stick with it, you will get the drop, it will just take longer than when you weighed more.

@DotLewis So you're close! Kudos! Thanks for the details! I just got down to 145; but BMI numbers say that for me not to be overweight I need to break in to the 130's. I'll celebrate big time if I reach that...shooting for late June....


That sounds like an excellent day. Very positive! I am going to be more active today as the weather is getting much warmer and I need to move plants out from their overwintering places. Soon I shall be complaining about the heat. Maybe that will help bring my weight down!

CeliaVL Level 7 Apr 30, 2019