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1 July 2019 - Diet Diary - Just not much to talk about today. Pulled a dying rhubard stalk and found termites (YES, I know what they look like, definitely termites) in the base. Great! Spent the last 2 hours researching termite control. Yuck!
Ate kale salad, have had to add more kale twice, also some more daylily blossoms. As it marinates in the balsamic dressing, it becomes more moist and more greens are needed. Might be eating this salad all week. 🙂
Finished the day under 1250 calories, little higher but still in the range.

Well, have to take my little one to the vet in the morning. Trip got canceled as no early morning vet appointments were available and it will be too late to set out by the time we are home. Maybe another day.

DotLewis 7 July 2
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I gained a pound...but had a lot of fun making my "muscle" brownies (high protein, low carb/sugar). I'll watch it more carefully today.

Robecology Level 8 July 2, 2019