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22 Sept. 2019 - Diet Diary - Pear picking is done for the year. Did have to climb up in the tree but it wasn't bad. Found maybe another 12-15 pears when up in the center. Tree needs a lot of pruning but I can't get far enough up in it to do all that is needed. Filled 8 trays for the dehydrator which will be done drying by morning.

Found that the cool storage isn't working as well as hoped. The key seems to be that the recommended temp for this "chilling" is 31-33°, which I cannot do as I don't want to freeze everything in the refrigerator. They are not rotting but they are turning ripe, although slower than if they were sitting out. Just means I will have to deal with them over the next few weeks but it does buy me some extra time. Just lose the perk of having "fresh" pears in January.

Ate OK today, finished under allowance by at least 100 calories. Got sidetracked in the afternoon, picking pears and other garden stuff and didn't keep track as promptly as I should but think I was able to recall everything. FIxed supper for the neighbor and I, which included potatoes (from a box) but the rest was very low cal, roasted chicken, no skin and cooked carrots. Then, more pears for "dessert" while cutting up the ones for the dryer. I assuage any guilt over the abundant pear consumption by telling myself "it is fresh fruit, it is GOOD for me!" Too soon, it will be gone for this year. 😟

DotLewis 7 Sep 23
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Mmmmmmm! Pears! Pear sauce, pear pies...pear breads? Yummy!

Robecology Level 9 Sep 23, 2019

Any partridges in that pear tree? Good luck with your dieting.

Saw no partridges but plenty of starlings and sparrows certainly took their share of the harvest. Just wish they would quit that annoying habit of "sampling" multiple pieces while shopping!