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20 Sept. 2019 - Diet Diary - Regaining control is proving to be a challenge. Start out the day OK then late in the day, slack off and eat stuff I shouldn't. Not happy currently, I'm up 4 pounds, went up in 2 pound increments. It is just wrong that it is so much easier to gain 4 pounds than it is to lose it.

Tomorrow will be a good day to reassert control. Have to skip all caffeine and my BP drugs for the day, prep for the nuclear med process. Does the term "nuclear med" make me uneasy? YES! Not to mention the needles and the whole drug to speed up the heart thing. Guess the best I can do is take advantage of the situation, no caff, no de-caff, and a list of other "no" things and keep the overall eating better controlled tomorrow. Nothing at all after midnight tomorrow. Need to get back down to goal weight. 😟

DotLewis 7 Oct 20
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Courage and kudos, Dot My thoughts are with you...

Robecology Level 8 Oct 21, 2019