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Well I just started back to counting calories today been battling my weight and addiction most of my life been off drugs for 4.5 years but now my addiction is food wish me luck

bradholland10 5 Apr 2
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There are several good free diet/health sites online that can help you with food journaling... dietsecret.com and fitday.com are two great ones. I'm low-tech so use a paper journal and just use the sites for calorie data. I've lost 70# in 3-years but hit a plateau 2-years ago. 6-months ago I started carefully journaling everything I ate or drank and in that 6-month I've lost 26#. That's the key... watch what you eat, know where the calories are (and are not) and adjust your eating accordingly. I'm on the final glide path to losing 15-20 more pounds and then will switch to a maintenance diet. I'm perfectly happy with what I eat and no longer have cravings for "off-list" foods. See my earlier post on this page for more details.

mtnhome Level 7 May 8, 2018

We share the same disease addiction..when I got ahold of my disease I learned that sugar follows the same pathway as narcotics..I gained a massive amt of lbs cuz I was eating sweets..I have a better handle on it now..I also learned that it takes 3500 cal to gain or lose a lb..I semi calculated my BMI then determined the amt of calories I needed to maintain my weight times 7..I then subtracted 3500 calories then divided by 7 and came up with a rough est of how many calories a day I needed to consume to lose a lb for a week..ex: 2000 cal/day x 7= 14000 then subtracted 3500= 10500 divide by 7 and 1500 cal per day..I hope that helps..


If you're eating foods with lots of nutrients, you're a step ahead of most food addicts; savory snack foods are my addiction! I ate a BAG of Goldfish last night <sigh> I'm going to try some alternatives like kale chips. I'd like to hear more about how Fitness Pal is helping you achieve your goals (remember, set modest ones at first so you feel some success right away! 😉

daystar58 Level 3 Apr 3, 2018

Good luck, and grats.

EdEarl Level 8 Apr 3, 2018

best of luck and i believe in you! you have already achieve greatness getting off drugs!

twshield Level 8 Apr 2, 2018

Is that calories with or without nutrients?

Fudomyoo Level 5 Apr 2, 2018

I don't keep with nutrients as much as the calories I use an app called fitness pal most of the foods I choose to eats have lots of nutrients


Good luck. Keep us informed how it's going

Rudy1962 Level 9 Apr 2, 2018

You've done the hard one mate, this should be easier. Food is my problem as well,pity I don't find exercise as addictive. Need to find fun stuff that burns up energy.

Rugglesby Level 8 Apr 2, 2018

You can do it!

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