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Massage: Happy n Sad ending...

Zoohome 8 Sep 27
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This is Hilarious .

GEGR Level 7 Sep 28, 2020

He quit with the abuse pretty fast, huh?

Hathacat Level 9 Sep 28, 2020

Yep, amazing how it all changed.


#MagicPudding needed.

FrayedBear Level 9 Sep 27, 2020

@Zoohome - if you follow & read the # you will not be puzzled.


I'm so glad he went to her. It couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

Lorajay Level 8 Sep 27, 2020

Aha, you would be the shaman or his bullies not the alien visitor in the #MagicPudding?


That was great 😂😂😂😂😂

Pralina1 Level 8 Sep 27, 2020

Lol funny

bobwjr Level 9 Sep 27, 2020

Not gonna lie. I was offered a happy ending. It was weird. I guess I should have been cautious when they asked for my liscence.🤣. Im not into happy endings. I like the real thing. Not hands.

MrChange Level 7 Sep 27, 2020

I guess it depends where you go. Maybe the person had a crush on you. 😜

@Zoohome doubt it. The only person in my life I feel had a crush on me was my ex wife and she really did want want to crush me. 🤣


Typical woman hating man. Try to buy sex and when refused, start with the abusive obscenities. I have been getting massages for over 25 years and been told many stories about asshole men asking for sex from my masseuses.

Misandry? Do your masseuses decline sex with you also?

@FrayedBear since I don’t ask for sex, I haven’t been declined😎🤣😂


Well played!!

scurry Level 8 Sep 27, 2020

great comeback

glennlab Level 9 Sep 27, 2020

I can't read that green text but I can imagine ☺😜

You can't?
Ooooooooh you r missing out amber's last text. She will read the guy's texts to his wife while she offers tissues for him to wipe his tears.
She is a real therapist, I found her fb page. Amazes me the amount of idiots that asks (and offends) her if she does happy ending.

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