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I think so too.

JeremyTaylor 8 July 9
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I believe in him. My BFF saw him in northern Wisconsin and she would not lie to me.

He was with Jimmy Hoffa, The Lochness Monster, Elvis Aaron Preseley, and cthulu. I was there. They wouldn't let me take a group photo...

@TheGreatShadow Well, I don’t know about the rest of them, but Jimmy Hoffa is part of the foundation at the Renaissance Center in Detroit. I still believe my BFF...she can identify specific deer from a half mile away...and she would NEVER lie to me.

@MissKathleen Bit of sarcasm there?

@TheGreatShadow Uh, I don’t think so, but as I AM completely lacking in tact/diplomacy, it wouldn’t be the first time I’d misstated what I meant to say...so you tell me where I went wrong...and I’ll learn from it.

@MissKathleen I meant if you actually believed what your friend said. I didn't think so, but things can come off the wrong way on the interwebz.

@TheGreatShadow I didn’t believe in bigfoot until my BFF told me what she saw. She would not lie to me.

@MissKathleen Would she, tho, even unknowingly, lie to herself?

@phxbillcee I do not think so, but she absolutely believes she saw it.