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They got that right

zorialoki 8 Sep 28
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Umbral Level 8 Sep 28, 2018

What if they are good together?

ClaytonE83 Level 7 Sep 28, 2018

Never tried it, might be

@zorialoki doubtful lol

@ClaytonE83 I have had green chile in some of the most unexpected foods and it was fantastic. I would not rule it out until I tried it

@zorialoki it's the pumpkin spice part though, I love chilis. Might not be terrible but I can't imagine it being great lol

@ClaytonE83 Green chile ice cream is pretty good


You must be in NM

Ktruin Level 5 Sep 28, 2018

Ciudad de Las Cruces. Are you ready for the babaloon fiesta?

@zorialoki the baboon fiasco... I never am. I live in the west side and work on the east side. Worst commute ever during that week.

@Ktruin The answer is park and ride. I love going and when I do this is the only way to get there

@zorialoki I would agree with you. My only problem is with the 300,000 other people who drive to it.

@Ktruin That is why I use park and ride, they have their own lane and bypass all the other mooks, drop you off and pick you up making it very simple fast and affordable


I'll pass on both, thanks.

KKGator Level 9 Sep 28, 2018

I'm with you. Never been a fan of either.

@phxbillcee oh quit sucking up to Kali Kalibur!!

@Captnron59 Better her than you!

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