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Does this really work?

TheGreatShadow 9 Oct 29
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and me

  • you have a lot more on top of that going for you.

Worked for me...???


Huh, what???


It used to work, but in the age of a plethora, a cornucopia, of free porn; I doubt it.

Rudy1962 Level 9 Oct 29, 2018

lol, nah porn is free


Most wives who are secure in their marriages do not mind the husband looking but the "Look but don't touch" is an unwritten law....

Mike1947 Level 7 Oct 29, 2018

I think all men are programmed in our genetic make up to be fascinated by the female body,especially the boobs.Most of us were nursed at moms tits,and it stays with us all our lives.

Mike1947 Level 7 Oct 29, 2018

Huh? Did you say something? (Poor Christina has had a double-mastectomy. & Kaley has had hers enlarged.)

phxbillcee Level 9 Oct 29, 2018

Yes, it's sad that that happened to Christina. Kayleys voice alloys the hell out of me in the BBT. Annisoton, still hot.

@TheGreatShadow Yeah, tho Christina is cute as hell, I'd still take Jennifer in a heartbeat! As if I had that choice!!! I will admit, Kayley's voice doesn't have that effect on me, so, I'd let her take me out! LOL!

@phxbillcee Let's make a deal. I get Anniston, you get the other two. 🙂

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