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Keep it alive

Captnron59 9 Oct 30
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Love Slash's new stuff with Miles Kennedy. Keep rockin!!

Love that new profile pic!! Sexy!


One of those guys slashes the fruit bat (the tastiest variety) that the other one eats. Quite the team.


I can hear Ozzy asking, "What the fuck is a Justin Bieber?"


Stealing and reposting!

LEPeff Level 8 Oct 30, 2018

Hey that's Sharon's husband! But who is the other guy?

Slash, he was the lead guitarist for Guns and Roses and he has done some good solo stuff too!

@LEPeff oh OK thx I know Axel... Didn't recognize slash lol

@Cutiebeauty you are welcome!

@LEPeff, @Cutiebeauty Sorta like Keith Richards, Slash just looks like Slash. Axl on the other hand, well, he's changed...


Can't read the second to last word. My internet must be slow. The two middle letters are blurry...

Fuck off! ?

@Cutiebeauty Ozzy wrote it. Makes sense. 😛

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