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Not incapable of compassion

surrealhoax 7 Dec 16
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I have my own moral compass.

Livinlife Level 9 Dec 17, 2018

Love and that existed long before imaginary beings ... Just saying ...


Once my Christian mother accepted the fact that I am an atheist, I didn't really give a shit what anybody else thought.

Taladad Level 8 Dec 17, 2018

When people know that I'm an atheist and when I help people out, they're left scratching their heads! I tell them that I don't need a god or religion to help anyone out, it's just a human thing to do.


I don't need your god to have love for others.

glennlab Level 9 Dec 16, 2018

Totally! I would say even a deeper respect for life!

MrChange Level 7 Dec 16, 2018

So true. This is what you get! There is no draft in life and no other place to be. Respect and protect earth for future generations.

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