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Knock knock

By Haemish1
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Ill take my chances

Livinlife Level 8 Jan 21, 2019

I think that about sums it up.

dartagnan6666 Level 7 Jan 21, 2019

Government people use that line too.

beenthere Level 6 Jan 21, 2019

There's a great place to share this on FB; I think it's called "Faith is a Mental Illness"...y'all need to check it out...this gave me my first LOL for the day!

Robecology Level 7 Jan 21, 2019

Dave's not home.

mistymoon77 Level 8 Jan 21, 2019

Is this a bondage scenario.

Mokvon Level 8 Jan 21, 2019

Never thought about from that perspective 🤔

Omg! I had to go back and read it again. So true.


but I don't know you.

glennlab Level 9 Jan 21, 2019
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