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yo mama....

actofdog 8 Jan 31
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Giant economy size, for some big asses.


Only sold at Costco

ATDayHiker Level 7 Jan 31, 2019



Big ass momma.

OldGoat43 Level 8 Jan 31, 2019

My mom is long dead, that would be a classic move mom

zorialoki Level 8 Jan 31, 2019

Actually, those are steel coils.
Toilet paper rolls are MUCH larger.
They are shipped in "covered wagons" aka "soft side" flat beds.
I've hauled both.

So have I fellow trucker.Well just the steel ones.

I just read a little of your profile,sorry for your loss,I also have a 90 year old father with Alzeimers I saw him yesterday and he is not well. That is why these jokes are important to me. Cheers.

Mom was so lost and miserable, it was a relief when she passed.
Life was unbearable for me and dad.
We had to take turns sleeping., and watch her 24/7 to keep her from eating raw food, tide pods, or ANYTHING she could get her hands on.
We got a security system, to warn us if she tried to "run away"...and the life alert pendant had to be taken away. She would push it several times a day.
We never put her in a "home"...
We should have.
She was totally incoherent for about 3 years.
Good luck.
It's the hardest thing I've ever done.

@KevinAverett We are there with my father and uncle,so you would understand my whole family wishes this is it.It sounds horrible but quality of life is gone.My mother and sister are nurses and we just did a ''living will'' last month to ensure we can ''pull the plug'' if needed we also looked into the assisted suicide which is 1 year old now in Canada.My other sisters friend was a doctor (2 phd s) whose mother died of brain cancer and she was diagnosed three months later with the same thing.She did the assisted suicide a month ago,I knew her and she was a good woman.Alzeimers is horrible,what a waste of great minds.Again my condolences and take care of yourself the primary caregiver has to be fit to help others.André.

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