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I'm surprised I have to make this post a full year after starting this group.

  1. @phxbillcee and @MichelleGar1 are doing a great job as moderators. Stop inboxing me. I chose them for a reason.

  2. We have a grand total of 6 (!) people blocked. No one is paranoid or power mad.

  3. If you are offended by memes this is not the group for you.

  4. If I see one more post with croc style shoes...in flagrant disregard to my rule...I will lose it.

That is all. Carry on memers.

EricTrommater 9 Feb 3
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Thanks for the support, Boss!


How about Ostrich Skin Nocona's?

Technically not a violation.

I hope this helps with the "Jones"...

all I have to say on the topic

You win!


No croc shoe shots...ouch!

We have to have some rules!

@EricTrommater Get ready for the Compendium of Crocs! Ain't I a stinker?!?




I repeat 6 out of over 900 plus members! No one is going crazy with the block button!

&, as a clarification, 2 of them are because they blocked a Mod, 4 are from the last Reporting that caused a Member to be kicked off the Site for his meme. & 3 of those are probably temporary. One will never be allowed back!

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