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I really thought it was going to be everywhere....

Christiep77 7 Apr 23
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Also, the Acme store was a big disappointment.....

And the deliveries don’t happen near as fast as I was lead to believe.

@Christiep77 even with Acme Prime....


Only found it in one spot, freaked out when I realized how far out in it I was, end of story when I only sank about 4 inches.

glennlab Level 9 Apr 23, 2019

People float in higher in quicksand than in water. Those who struggle frantically create a vacuum which pulls them deeper into the muck. They should expect to lose their footwear.

Thank you. You would be very handy to have around in a quicksand situation.

@Christiep77 You're welcome. My childhood years including hiking in a swamp, the most likely place to fall into quicksand. I quickly learned to bring a hiking staff to test out if the ground was solid.

I still use a hiking staff, now for a longer list of reasons including clearing the path of spider webs and knocking rattle snakes off the trail.

Live dangerously. Want to go hiking now? ?

@WonderWartHog99 wow. Hiking staffs have lots of uses. You can even use them while actually hiking. Good to know. ?

Sure. Let’s go on an adventure...

@Christiep77 >You can even use them while actually hiking

They're also useful when the local idiots decide block shop aisles. I get up close and tap the floor with the staff. It alerts the inconsiderate there is a guy with a big stick trying to get past them.

Next weekend I'm heading for the mountains in north Georgia in Helen, Ga. Adventures await!

By the way, they have inter tube rides that go through the middle of town. Riders often have staffs to push themselves around the shallow, boulder laden stream. They have traffic jams of another ilk in that town.

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