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By altschmerz9
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Another mis-educated child who thinks we live in a democracy, when it's really a republic!!

Logician Level 7 Dec 15, 2019

It’s a democratic republic, isn’t it?

No, it says that we have a republican form of government.


I went out of my way to piss them off....

Sweet! Good job!
What did you do??

@scurry I posted this.... It only took one post...

@Lizard_of_Ahaz I want to laugh, but I'm trying not to throw up. ROFL Funny, sad but true... and also kinda disgusting...
Well done.

@scurry I did it right before his inauguration...

@Lizard_of_Ahaz he had to unblock you by now, a judge ordered him to.

@altschmerz He still hasn't done so.... I posted that Twitter should ban him from the platform until he complies with that court order and their stated terms of service but so far ^crickets*


What else could the poor man do? It's a wonder society left him with enough balls to father children.

brentan Level 8 Dec 14, 2019