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Just a dick....

Freespirit64 8 Jan 22
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Sometimes the size of the horse doesn't count, but how well you have it trained. Also, apparently the first texter only had a "taste test" not a real ride.


It is tough,even when your intellect knows how it should be and that what is fair for one is fair for both.When the old emotions of male ego raise up it is difficult to deal with..

GaryLee Level 3 Jan 23, 2020

That right there deserves it's own post, and not in memes.


I think it must be very difficult for men these days with women having more partners and porn convincing us that 8 inches is average. Maybe that is another reason that in the past men wanted to subjugate women and insist on virgins at wedding. I might suggest that next time I come across some ape on an anti-feminist rant.

I think men's sexuality gets messed with every bit as much as women's, just in different ways. I don't understand why both sexes don't realize that and cut each other some slack. Bottom line, we're all people and have feelings. I don't have any answers....


Oh this is funny. I'm sharing it

Zoohome Level 8 Jan 22, 2020

Shouldn’t guys put that kind of information in their profile? (Just kidding!!!!)

Some, yes



bobwjr Level 9 Jan 22, 2020

Such a very informative chat lol

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