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Worth it! SO worth it!

*If I believed in hell, that is.

Hathacat 9 May 22
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LMAO!! This appeals to my sense of humor.

So your big holiday is April 1?

@JackPedigo Thing is, I'm not real good at orginal ideas. I read something like this post and think cool idea. Will I ever impliment it? don't know.

@silverotter11 Speaking of April 1st. I just had a huge joke played on me by my, supposedly, best friends, hook, line and sinker. I will tell the sordid tale tomorrow. Religion was at the center and all our comments about religion left me vulnerable.

@JackPedigo Looking forward to the tale!!

@silverotter11 Your wish my command. I just posted it.


Great !

Buddha Level 8 May 23, 2020

Still Funny!!

scurry Level 8 May 23, 2020

I would have used seawater....

Artistically draped seaweed......

@Hathacat Maybe a starfish and some muscles attached?


That's golden.

glennlab Level 9 May 22, 2020
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