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B. A. C. O. N.

scurry 8 June 3
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Sooooo, on my diet that includes as much bacon as I damn well please to eat....

I've lost 25 pounds since mid april and I feel like a lot of my current weight is actually water weight in which means if true it is actual fat loss. Just 25 more pounds to lose and my body will be back to what it was before I had to get off diet to survive for a few months!


Nothing better than a B.L.T. 🙂

Lavergne Level 8 June 4, 2020

So true!


This is indeed a healthy salad if you are on the keto diet!


couple more

glennlab Level 9 June 3, 2020

Pic #1... Happiest moment for the Dog! LOL


Why I can never be 100% Vegan.

Completely understand!!


Ahhhh bacon.

glennlab Level 9 June 3, 2020

Exactly!!! X2!


Far too much lettuce.

Jetty Level 7 June 3, 2020

That face...

scurry Level 8 June 3, 2020
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