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Nostalgia 2020 style

glennlab 9 Nov 29
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Me too! Although I love romaine and had a hard time because I missed it.

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Posted by scurryI don't have kids, but...

Posted by scurry100% Valid.

Posted by mistymoon77Might be the other way around on who's doing the screaming..

Posted by noworry28🤔No one needs to know.

Posted by Lizard_of_AhazHow does fuck yes sound?....

Posted by SomniumNOT another word...

Posted by jeshueyDamned Girl Scouts...

Posted by glennlabThere are levels to everything!

Posted by glennlabNo inflammatory tweets this afternoon from the POTUS. 2 reasons Trump has been banned from twitter and he is no longer POTUS.

Posted by glennlabWe return to our pre Trump programs, do not adjust your sets

Posted by jeshueyMath, logic, and other magic...

Posted by glennlabI have hope for the future (maybe)

Posted by glennlabWhy don't women appreciate us more lol

Posted by glennlabI'm not sure which one is in charge right now but WTF

Posted by glennlabHe doesn't even follow his own rules

Posted by glennlabShocking, just shocking

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