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phxbillcee 9 Apr 26
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It's complicated I guess...

Hmmm, not so much, I don't think.

@phxbillcee that was meant to be facetious ; -)

@Johnsalterego You? Maybe use sarcasm? LOL Just making a response, I've seen your posts & comments, bro!


That's just fucked up.. I'm now a little bit discouraged about what I do on here... don't like having shit taken without answers from @admin. We don't have a direct connection to admin to talk things over. That needs to be changed. I'm very reluctant to post now. Sorry Bill but I needed to get to admin somehow.

Captnron59 Level 9 Apr 26, 2018

That's more than cool. You can message admin. Go to the logo in upper left & click it, then do the underlined 'contact' & you get a direct mssg to him.

feedback & suggestions, sorry. I was going to address this at Senate 'chat' today, but admin didn't stick around long enough! I got your back on this, as I think you know from my previous rant!

@phxbillcee Senate chat? Is that your new perk?

@Captnron59 No, I believe anyone Level 7 or above can 'join' the Senate & they're Beta-ing a chat feature once a day.

@Captnron59 Did you find where to send a mssg to admin?

@phxbillcee haven't found either

You can send me messages from the comment form or directly from my profile page. Thanks!

@Captnron59 Click on agnostic.com above left. Yellow square above left click on 'feedback & suggestions'.

@Captnron59 Senate will be listed in "Groups".