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True Freedom! 🙂

SkotlandSkye 8 Apr 26
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Catholics are against taking the pill because it holds them back from breeding. Catholics are taught to breed to make more Catholics. That's their mentality, they don't care about anything else. Very selfish power driven people.


Enough said

Livinlife Level 9 Apr 26, 2018



We had a family of devout catholics as next door neighbors during 'the married years' and they kept having kids who were all diabetic. All of them. At least the dad was diabetic, not sure about the mom. They just kept churning them out even though they knew how high the chances were...it was incredible. Good catholics....

I can't understand anyone purposefully breeding children with medical issues. It's arrogant, selfish, and part of why our medical system fails so badly. If you can't feed them, don't breed them...and if you can't pay for their medical expenses out of pocket for LIFE, then you shouldn't be breeding them either. Catholics are some of the most ignorant selfish fucks ever.


1, 3 & most definitely 4!

phxbillcee Level 9 Apr 26, 2018
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