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I see you received some coupons today!

climaction23 6 Apr 26
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I'm impressed! lol

balou Level 8 Apr 26, 2018

Dont be knockin those CVS coupons.
If it's done right, one can save BIGLY! ?

Emme Level 7 Apr 26, 2018

I'm a guy, so....

@Johnsalterego LOL

So, you have an aversion to saving money? ?

@Emme Meh. I don't have the shopping gene - get in, grab what I need, and get the hell out. I'm not going to check adds and all that to run to 20 stores and buy one thing at each. Call it time management? 😉

They email mine.


You only have to spend $100 in the next 20 minutes ?

Markus Level 7 Apr 26, 2018

Looks like the paper was about to run out too...


Even the supermarket is like that anymore, with a separate string for coupons!

phxbillcee Level 9 Apr 26, 2018
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