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Why do I have to write a caption in every meme tho lol

Arnok 5 May 17
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Does anyone else have to active work on not looking?

Squirrel Level 7 May 17, 2018

Men, or at least me, notice all of that initially, & then hope that the packaging fits the content. A perfect example is the women on FauxNews. Most are superficially attractive, but they so often spew such venom & hate that it almost seems to seep through their pores, making them, in reality, ugly. We all cue on the visual first, tho men most of all, & the eyes & smile make up a big part of that, but the personality & intelligence is what will keep us around!

phxbillcee Level 9 May 17, 2018

Better yet I listen for dedication to reversing theocracy & peace through green jobs. ....our shared love of life will lead to romantic bliss


I kinda like a big brain...

A big brain isn't much good without some content in it


Something happening in here
What it is ain't exactly clear

kenriley Level 8 May 17, 2018
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