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That movie scarred me!

Insectra 8 May 29
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I probably watched that show dozens of times as a kid, but I don't remember this scene.

Too traumatic.....You're probably repressing it. 😉

@Insectra haha that's it! Don't wake demons! Lol

Now I don't feel so bad because I have no recollection of that part whatsoever.


No, I won't post the movie clip. Just way too depressing.

phxbillcee Level 9 May 29, 2018

Your discretion is much appreciated!

What movie was this? I don't recall the caption.

@mistymoon77. The Never-ending Story

@Insectra, @mistymoon77, @Blindbird misty, you can figure out how the scene goes by just looking at the still above & then ME not posting it!

@Blindbird Never Ending Story I have is the animated one with that flying dog and kid. Is this one a horror movie remake of it?

@mistymoon77 This is the only "Neverending Story" I'm familiar with. It has the kid (this kid above) along with the flying dog, but it's not animated. It was live action with "animatronics", as CGI wasn't a thing, really, in '84.

@phxbillcee wow, I don't even remember that part at all in the movie.. but its been yrs since I saw it. I checked out the clips on utube and its the same show.. yes very sad ending that I never recalled seeing.