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Oh ooh ... fitted sheets..

Nickbeee 8 May 30
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It's frustrating.

mek7730 Level 7 May 31, 2018

Such problems. We should all be so lucky!

MrLink Level 8 May 31, 2018

All the time

zorialoki Level 8 May 30, 2018

I feel like maybe this is not an accurate description of what is happening in this picture...???

chocbroc Level 6 May 30, 2018

I hope not. I never have so much fun fitting mine.

Prey tell ??? lol !!! As much detail as you like haha!!! 😛


My favorite limey is back. ??

Markus Level 7 May 30, 2018

Hello Mr !!! I been mad busy !! Hope you are well !!

Yes, been missing your twisted observations. I think I saw you on the tele at the Royal Wedding. You had a tear in your eye for the lovely couple ?. Am I right?


Yay! Nicks back

Hello !!! 🙂

@Nickbeee hello! Hello!


If that's happening, you have the wrong size sheets.

KKGator Level 9 May 30, 2018

Well, size may be an issue here...

@phxbillcee Hehe @KKgator yes it's making her frustrated

@Nickbeee I'm not frustrated. My sheets fit correctly, and I never have an issue getting them on the bed.

@KKGator You must have longer arms !!

@Nickbeee No, regular arms. If the sheets are the proper size, and you put them on correctly, the corners do not pop up.

@KKGator something else may be popping up in that photo....just sayin'.

@Blindbird I'm aware, and I'm ignoring it.

@KKGator ?

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