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Interesting . I just checked my mail and found a , "letter, " saying , "High IQ, what a lie ." and found I could not respond to it . Looks like he sent it , then blocked me . So let's quantify here . The fact that we disagree does not mean I'm not dealing with a high IQ . It means we disagree . In my case I have been tested by third parties, repeatedly over the past 63 years , and have repeatedly been classified as high IQ . This does not mean I am not capable of making mistakes . It does not mean I know everything about everything there is to know anything about . The fact that his opinion was not the same as mine , does not mean I don't have a high IQ . However , I don't recall seeing anything showing that he qualified . I find his hit and run attitude suspect . He chose not to discuss whatever he felt we disagreed about , so we'll never know . It appears to me however , that he was afraid to discuss our differences .

Cast1es 8 Aug 22
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Suspect, yes. In his “...what a lie” I see aggression. Without a “!”, I see illiteracy, or a calm or muted anger. I may be over analyzing; does he resent intelligence in women? File it in “Too little info”.

yvilletom Level 7 Jan 23, 2020

Are any of our Agnostic members attending Mensa / Intertel meetings on a regular basis , as a social outlet ?

Cast1es Level 8 Feb 8, 2019

When someone blocks you you can't see their PM messages.

If you PM me the sender's info. I'll double check it.

Maybe the account is on pause?

Also - when I think about being high IQ? It makes me really worried for the rest of the world. lol

If we are the top percentages what does that mean for everyone else? Yes this haunts me!
I can screw up with the best of them.

RavenCT Level 9 Aug 22, 2018

I understand . Had a woman once tell me , she thought we must be snobs , because she figured we thought we were better than others . I told her , from my point of view , I was normal . So I can thoroughly understand your concern for the rest of the world .

@Cast1es Nah we're just happy when we find other people who are the way we are - just like everyone else.


One has lost the argument when they resort to insults. Don't give him the power to stress you.

Mooolah Level 8 Aug 22, 2018

@Cast1es -- Some are not communicative. I have a simple way of taking care of the doubt issue. I simply post this picture. By simply enlarging the right side, they can read the certificate.

It's easy to fake a certificate. That's not an accusation. There is really no way to prove it online, only ways to disprove it. lol

@Stephanie99 -- Truth be known, I feel no need to go beyond that. I don't need to prove anything. If anyone is that serious about it, let them prove it one way or the other.

Yes , I see that , and good for you ! Looks like you've qualified in quite a few areas . You have every right to be so very proud of yourself . I never could understand why others are proud of being stupid . Some seem to brag about it .

@Stephanie99 If someone is a Member , I believe they can check for verification of someone else's qualifications , but I sincerely doubt he would have been interested in the truth , anyhow .

@Cast1es Is it MENSA? It's too blurry to read.

@Stephanie99 -- Yes, it is Mensa and that certificate design is unique. We call it the 'owl parchment', among other things. I took the full Stanford-Binet Battery at LA Trade Tech when I was 13 at the request of the school. Later, on a lark, I took the Mensa test.

@evidentialist I was a member of Mensa for awhile, but I don't remember there being a certificate.

@Stephanie99 -- Yep. Always has been. Several different designs over the years.

@evidentialist Did they send it out or did you have to pay extra? I wonder if I just forgot, possible, but not likely, or if Mensa Canada didn't have certificates. I still have the letter with my results.

@Stephanie99 -- At the time, remember this was just after the dinosaurs went extinct, there was a standard issue and two or three others. In any case, it was required that you let them know you wanted the standard. For the others one had to pay. I liked the appearance of the owl cert, so I ordered that one. Thinking back on it, we had to pay ... for ... every ... damned ... thing.

@evidentialist If I had to pay extra, I probably wouldn't have gotten it. That explains it. It was back in 1985 or so,

@Stephanie99 After I took the test , as an adult , they sent me the certificate in the mail , with a welcoming letter and information about when and where they held their meetings .

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