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Have you wondered why some dogs spin in a circle before they lay down or potty?
I have looked all over the internet to find theories on this. I am still not sure that any i have seen
are fact.

I have a yorkie and when she gets ready to lay down somewhere, she spins around in a circle
then lays down.
When i let her out of the back door to potty in the back yard, she spins around sometimes for 5-10 minutes before she will find a place and potty. I must admit that sometimes i am impatient and gets annoyed with this because i am wanting her to hurry up so i can get a baggie and collect it from my yard and dispose of it, then return to what i was doing.

Does any of you have any theories why some dogs do this?


twshield 8 Nov 29
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I agree with the other posts...the same reason why they circle around before they lay down, to pat it down. My old girl does it all the time


I think they make sure nothing is there that can hurt them while they are in a vulnerable state (like relaxing or relieving themselves).


Would You lay or squat on grass stems that poke you?

AnneWimsey Level 9 Nov 30, 2018