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Some of my kitties: Lucy (Lucifer), Salem, Mittens, Turtle

graceylou 8 Apr 22
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how many have you got?

Way too many. I'm a sucker for taking in kitties in need. All the kitties in the pics were strays or ferals or offspring of such.

that's not being a sucker. it's being caring.

@LeighShelton I’m familiar with The Cat House on the Kings. I don’t think I love cats enough to do that.

@graceylou it's amazing though. she must have a serious litter tray.

@LeighShelton She has employees and volunteers I believe and her own vet in residence. I’m not sure I can handle that many cats.

@graceylou no but it is amazing


Pretty Kittehs!

JK666 Level 7 Apr 22, 2018