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Somewhere in all this fuzz is my ugly mug.

josh23452 7 Apr 23
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Are they siblings?

That they are...I knew I wanted a pair so they'd have a playmate while I wasn't home and it made me feel warm n fuzzy to not separate siblings.


Awww. They're cute. I'm sure you're somewhere in there!

Hopewatson Level 4 Apr 23, 2018

Hidden. And tucked far away beneath a sea of fuzz


I thought there was going to be am actual ugly mug

That's what the cats are here for to protect you fine folk from such a site.

@josh23452 I meant like a coffee mug

@LadyAlyxandrea I figured but I have a few of those around but as you can see I'm trapped.

Here's one of my ugly mugs for ya my dear.