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This is my Arabian mare, Misty. Misty is a bit of an ass. Today we spent 3 hours chasing her after she and my donkey got loose (my other horse stayed In). Foxy was easy to catch but Misty has always been tough to catch. She decided today to visit the neighbour’s horses, especially that handsome new stallion. After all the hassle of getting her back into our pasture we had to check and secure all the fencing, and added a fence to close off a small opening into the nextdoor farmer’s field. At least I can say I did some outdoor activities this long weekend. Oh yes, I missed work today because of this.

graceylou 8 May 20
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She is really stunning.


Now watch me Whip
Now watch me neigh-neigh.

I'm sorry. So sorry.

Sometimes I can't stop myself....when the pun is so bad.


can't blame her


Ah yes, I remember having that same kind of problem on my farm. Goats, pigs or donkeys would get out and I would be the one spending hours chasing and tracking them down. Once I had a pig with my arms around her and she dragged me a few hundred feet in the mud. Good luck with your horses. He's a beautiful stallion.

OldGoat43 Level 8 May 20, 2018

She is a mare actually. My neighbour has a stallion she likes. This isn’t the first time she gets out but probably the worst. We’ve had trainers try to work with her. She gave the vet and farrier a hard time. She was sold by the previous owner for this reason. She’s mashed my booted foot. She’s broken my finger trying to load her into a trailer. She could have seriously injured me today when I caught her by the halter but I held on with dear life until we could hook up a lead.

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