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The CoviKiller 1000! Entering my third week of quarantine - and needing things to do. This is just a piece of frustrated artwork, not a practical way of accomplishing anything. That being said, it would kill pretty much anything one put into it!

Musing over all of the different things that can neutralize viruses, from temperature and radiation to solvents. And thought "hey, how many kinds of destructive energy can I hit it with all at once in my GeekLair(tm)?"

So here is a uranium glass dish which can be hit all at once with: very powerful UV-C light, RF energy, multiple lasers at different bandwidths, ionizing alpha/beta and gamma radiation, extremely high frequency audio, strong magnets and high temperatures. -- -- All at the same time.

The damn thing is so bright when its all fired up that even with dark shades on you can't look right at it. The bright picture here is with everything about 1/2 on, exposure set to minimum, any more than this just washed out my cameras sensors and I thought it might damage them!

Again, this really isn't practical to use for much, it is just angry artwork towards Covid-19. And an excuse to play with a bunch of lasers at once!

Observer-Effect 7 Apr 5
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An all I have been doing is cleaning and organizing. I should take a lesson from you and have some fun.

jdubose Level 6 Apr 6, 2020

Looks like fun.