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Write a poem! Please keep under 35 lines! Write about anything you wish! Please, easy on the profanity!

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You're peeping how the homie go places
Through homeostasis
Must tame beast, manifestation be the only oasis
I'll only go rate this
With given law only go this
Throughout the sacred field revealed, thoughts how only go lay this

With arts of riding one deep and see how the lonely gone make it
The real recognize real, see how the phony go face it
May get eaten up if your flow full of bologna yo, take it
Stopping my heart beat is the only way to own me yo, break it

Determined fate through a debate, random controlled bells tell
Must keep the mind upon the make the flow well
The sacred poetry she "needs love" you violate the passion it's a chance I "knock you out" just like the Old LL

Throughout the vivid 365, keep it evident, legal
While in this "game" watch for those down bring my "residence evil"

Instead of hating on the fellow brethren over a pursued hood
Let's encourage and see every vivid starving artist do good

☕ 2018 - Kris Smith

KrisSmith1 6 July 22
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Shakespeareish with some gangster could be a segway into a musical. Interesting write

azzow2 Level 9 July 22, 2018