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Dog days are over
Picking every four leaf clover
Gonna break out of every box they put me in
This soul is hungry and divine sugar my sin
Personal evolution
Fated love the revolution
Raw passionate life my drug
My mistake was shoving it under a threadbare rug
Time to chase desires, grab the chance
Walking on thin ice
I might as well dance...

Flying Angel © 2018
Image from Pop Sugar

Stargazer13 7 Sep 3
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Beautifully written


As the hawk with ice on its wing crest the sky, the creatures on the pine needle crusted forest floor begin to scurry. Good write

azzow2 Level 9 Sep 3, 2018

Damn, my are on a roll and moving has slowed me down.GOOD STUFF MY DEAR FRIEND


Love this! Great rhythm

Justjoni Level 8 Sep 3, 2018

Nice! .super cool! It sounds like lyrics for a song.

Eldovis Level 7 Sep 3, 2018
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