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WHEN MY BROTHER LEFT FOR NAM--We looked across the field of death & maiming, in our youthful half knowing, the war raging in the media suddenly close & personal,like a car crash

We drank to obliterate the obvious, threw peanuts at the Go-Go girl, who seemed amused, finally got kicked out of the bar, walked home in the post midnight dark.

He ran up a hill to obliterate the Viet Cong, Young officer asked what we were doing, said he was going to Nam, Cop seemed sad, wished him well.

Forward artillery observer at massive bombardment of Fue Bye, one round short he was gone.

Fought off V.C & N.V.A at Khe Sanh as 10,000 Marines fought their way out of a trap.

Mop up at Danang, Played music for the V.C as part of military intelligence.

Young daughter of headman of hamlet he was guarding greased by a Cobra --she was in wrong area.

Asshole Lieutenant told him to drive quarter ton down wrong road, almost got killed then almost court marshaled

Nearly popped a poppa san taking a whiz at wrong time & place

Amoebic dysentery--108 degree fever in field hospital, delirious, almost died.

Skimpy girls in Saigon, last day in country massive firefight

Dosed with Agent Orange, many medical problems, too much drinking, bitter divorce, 100% disabled

Meanwhile I protested the war

Remiforce 7 Oct 19
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