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~The memories will never drift away,
~ Your laugh , your voice, over and over in our head it plays,
~ Due to seductive dark games, you were made blind,
~Losing your focus, missing each warning sign,
~ Though made hostage held in chains binded together with every lie and sin,
~Your everlasting faith has freed you within,
~You were called home to start your new life,
~Defeated darkness because you are LIGHT,
~Wishing to see a glimpse of you in the clouds above,
~Here stands all three of us kids side by side hearts molded into one, representing your beauty and love,
~Its now time to find Gods purpose for us in life ,
~Fulfill our dreams as a husband n wifes,
~When its our time we will come home , this I vow,
~ We will make you proud.

♡Shirelle R. Valva♡ ~ R.I.P~ 4•5•15~

Miizzunderstood 4 Feb 6
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I guess it's intensely personal so I don't understand many of the references but it seems she lived, suffered and died and left her children with much respect and fondness.

brentan Level 8 Feb 6, 2019

I had to edit the poem i accidenTally typed a few lines twice .... and her death was due to drug abuse

Thanks for the extra information and much fellow-feeling and sorrow for the loss of your mom.