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MY AGE IS IMPATIENT. It must be now, for I feel the crush of eternity, which will scatter my memories like precious diamonds, falling heedlessly into the dark ocean of unknowing.

So sweet, soft naked nights of passion, full open mouthed kisses, licking breasts, full throttle free from terror penetration, I'm cumming, I'm cumming, then I came with throbbing enormous release, the way to the womb open.

Loving caresses & deep talk, in bed all night, beyond the daily patter, baring my twisted self as she bared hers. Knowing her more than sexually, but really.--the nakedness of the soul

Who are you now, a phantom that visits my dreams, filling me with sadness for your loss, but all is lost, the maw of existence swallows us up.

I am left now with the sad wisdom of age, passion cooled like a hot cup of coffee left too long, feelings floating without a home, longing for the pain & ecstasy of what was.

But waiting for the embrace of my next lover--the ALL

Remiforce 7 Oct 15
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Wow..wonderful .

William77 Level 7 Mar 20, 2020

not knowing what would be the right thing to say

lookinhard Level 7 Oct 15, 2019

Yeah, The combination of sex & death is hard to deal with.