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"Life After Harvey"

Late August 2017 received a wake up call
From mother nature with a vivid test risk in take a fall

The heart of Houston Texas took a hit
With many shook from it
Had many book legit
Housing, a chance that gave a crook a lick

Reminder of the storm from '83, something for Noah's Ark
I gotta make it through and my passion no one can throw apart
Various organizations pitched in and greatly showed the part
To bring everyone together, help was lended through shows of heart

FEMA, Texas Environmental Justice Advocacy Services,
George R Brown with others marked their purposes

Must set our focus on the youth, activate back to school drives
Food banks, listings of shelters is where the helping tool strives

Aware of all the symbolizations that Harvey left in mind
Aware of all the symbolizations that Harvey left behind

In needs of setting up a build a Greater Houston party
While I sit back throughout the midst of the life after Harvey

☕ 2018 - Kris Smith

KrisSmith1 6 Aug 11
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There is a Jimmy Stewart movie called (Harvey) With the title I had thought of the six-foot invisible rabbit. Flooding is no joke I weathered 2 of them.

azzow2 Level 9 Aug 12, 2018